Medical PPC & Doctor Pay Per Click Services

Medical PPC ads are displayed above and also to the right of search results in search engines. You pay for when a person clicks on your ad and ONLY when they click. The ad will show only when you are bidding on the keyword that the prospective client types in to the search bar.

Benefits of Medical PPC Advertising

The benefits of Medical PPC advertising are that you have extreme control of who sees your ad and your advertising budget. With the right bid, you can be on the first page for the keywords that you are targeting. Another plus is that you can get immediate traffic to your site as apposed to SEO which can take months to see results.

Our Medical PPC Services Include:

  • Campaign Setup, Management and Optimization – We carefully craft your ads to help you get the highest quality score possible.
  • Immediate Distribution – Your ads will show across Google, Yahoo, MSN, and more.
  • Return on Investment – You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.
  • Landing Page Design – Are you sending your prospective patients to the homepage? We send them to landing pages based on the keyword they typed in to make sure they get the information they wanted.
  • Conversion Improvement – We analyze how long they stayed on your site and where they left your site to make improvements to the design so that we convert more people in to patients.

Turn Your Website into a Sales Tool

PPC is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to have a high level of control over your marketing dollar. We can craft your Medical PPC campaign to target the customers that YOU want.

  • Target different times of the year based on your peak season,
  • target specific times of day or specific days of the week,
  • target specific keywords phrases,
  • and target specific geographic markets.

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