Our Website Design Process

We have developed a 6-step method in order to streamline the web design process and give our client an idea on what the design process entails. As a client of Thunderhead Marketing, you will receive a dedicated project manager to provide one-on-one support and ensure your satisfaction all while keeping the project on track.

Step 1: Discovery

This is where we get in to an in depth discussion with the client and talk about what the goal of their website is. We discuss what expectations and objectives they have for their site and what they would like their site to convey about their business.

Step 2: Analyze Site Structure

For a new site, we will be coming up with the site structure and the navigation. The goal in this step is to ensure that we come up with a structure that can be easily navigated by the prospective customer and that can be easily crawled by the search engine spiders. For a site re-design, we will analyze the existing structure and make suggestions that will improve usability while keeping the existing pages in tact.

Step 3: Design

Wireframe: Using what we discussed from the discovery and site structure phase, we will hand draw a wire-frame that will show the layout of the homepage.

Graphic Design: Within about a week of the approval of the wire-frame, our talented designers will craft the look and feel of the site and will have the first draft of the homepage designed and ready for your feedback. We will continue the revision process until everyone is happy with the layout and color scheme.

Step 4: Development

Once you have approved the design, we start the development of the website using our standard search engine friendly and cross-browser compatible coding – CSS/HTML. During this phase, we will integrate your site in to a CMS if it is in the scope of work.

Step 5: Final Review, Testing, and Training

This is where we dot the i’s and cross the t’s for the site. We will test the site in all browsers and check all links and forms to make sure they are rendering properly. This is also where we will do the training for any back-end tools like a CMS or payment gateway.

Step 6: Launch!

Once we are given the approval to go live, we will give you the site files and upload the site to your hosting server. We will provide 90 days of email and phone support after your site goes live.